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Giving our students and families
a lifetime without limitations
is our goal!

We are ready to help you attain higher levels of reading comprehension. Our method involves using visual memory to increase the retention of words in sentences being read. Educators have spent time understanding and learning how we grow and build comprehension. Our unique and simple efforts have been rewarded and student growth has been successful. More importantly,  student self-esteem improves tremendously.

The student’s goal is to practice writing information to build visual memory skills. Reading silently or aloud does not build these skills. Time is wasted looking at words trying to comprehend their meaning. Today we have large vocabularies but unfortunately, we have not written enough to develop the strong recall skills necessary for building reading comprehension.

We look at comprehension as the output of time spent building memory and vocabulary skills.
Working directly on comprehension does not produce the desired results.

Robert Koller, M.Ed


Comprehension is:

  • the ability to remember all of the words in a sentence
  • while knowing all of their meaning and
  • developing a clear thought after reading them

Our goal is to raise the literacy rates of adults in West Africa.