February 16, 2019

Bible Training

Addressing The Need

In Sierra Leone, we have prayerfully committed to training up young men, serious about the sound teaching of God’s Word. We believe that God’s Word does not return void {Isaiah 55:11}. The people of Sierra Leone have been starved for sound Biblical teaching for most of their history. Bringing the expositional teaching of the Word of God, verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book to a people devastated by civil war and afflicted by high rates of adult illiteracy has brought lasting peace to Christ-followers concerning their right-standing with God.

Ghana has been a tremendous partner in training up these young men sent from Sierra Leone over the years. The travel by land is difficult, always an adventurous story to tell! The food has challenged even the most constitutionally strong. The sacrifices and commitment have been sincere and the blessing these young men carry back with them to their home country, Sierra Leone, is the Word of God engraved on the tablet of their hearts and the ability to teach it soundly.

In September 2018, a Bible institute was established in Juba Hill, just outside the capital city of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Pastor Peter Light, a 2017 graduate of CWABI established the school and directs the teaching program. He is in direct contact with both Directors of Calvary bible institutes in the Upper East Region of Ghana, Robert Asaakurigo and Donne Pouguini. Peter receives encouragement and mentoring from both of these West African pastors. The first three students have graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible Institute/ Sierra Leone in August 2019 and another seven students are beginning studies.

Calvary Chapel Bible Institute, Sierra Leone {CCBI/SL}
Juba Hill, Freetown, SIERRA LEONE
Director, Peter Light
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Sierra Leone is grateful to the following Bible training centers in Ghana:

Calvary West Africa Bible Institute {CWABI}
Bolgatanga, Upper East Region, GHANA
Director, Robert Asaakurigo

Calvary Chapel Bible Training Centre
Pepease, Eastern Region, GHANA
Director, Donne Pouguini