One Step To Freedom

In Faith With Understanding

Understanding Addiction
Purpose and Use of the One Step To Freedom Curriculum
What Does the Bible Say About Addictions?

Chapter 1 – Planning for Victory

Lesson 1: A Plan for Victory
Lesson 2: Is Alcoholism a Disease?
Lesson 3: What Are the Works of the Flesh?
Lesson 4: Is Addiction a Sin?
Lesson 5: How To Overcome Addiction
Lesson 6: One Step To Freedom Scriptures
Lesson 7: The Cycle of Temptation
Lesson 8: The Cycle of Sin
Lesson 9: Accountability for Restoration
Lesson 10: What Is A Daily Devotion?
Lesson 11: A Sample Daily Devotion

Chapter 2 – Initial Restoration

Lesson 1: Man’s Condition
Lesson 2: God’s Remedy
Lesson 3: What God Has to Say About Addiction
Lesson 4: Put Off and Put On
Lesson 5: A New Way of Thinking

Chapter 3 – Forgiveness

Lesson 1: Seeking God’s Help
Lesson 2: Our Confession
Lesson 3: Turning Away From Sin
Lesson 4: Forgiving Others

Chapter 4 – Obedience To God’s Word

Lesson 1: Trials and Temptations
Lesson 2: Be A Doer of God’s Word
Lesson 3: Don’t Judge Others
Lesson 4: Your Faith Is Revealed in Works
Lesson 5: Taming Your Tongue
Lesson 6: Get Godly Wisdom
Lesson 7: Pride Versus Humility
Lesson 8: Perseverance and Prayer

Chapter 5 – Spiritual Warfare

Lesson 1: What Is Spiritual Warfare?
Lesson 2: Tactics of the Enemy
Lesson 3: The Armor of God
Lesson 4: The Power of Prayer
Lesson 5: Our Vulnerability
Lesson 6: Victory In and Through Jesus

Chapter 6 – The Fruit of the Spirit

Lesson 1: What Is the Fruit of the Spirit?
Lesson 2: Love
Lesson 3: Joy
Lesson 4: Peace
Lesson 5: Patience
Lesson 6: Kindness
Lesson 7: Goodness
Lesson 8: Faithfulness
Lesson 9: Gentleness
Lesson 10: Self Control

Chapter 7 – God’s Faithfulness

Lesson 1: When We Are Tempted
Lesson 2: No Room For Excuses
Lesson 3: Treasure God’s Word
Lesson 4: To Equip and Edify
Lesson 5: God is Faithful to Deliver
Lesson 6: I Can Do All Things Through Christ
Lesson 7: Trusting God