Important Informational Changes and Help

The inner workings of the registration and donation process has been modified for better support. At the request of various donors, we added the feature of making monthly recurring donations. If you cannot log on because the system doesn’t recognize your email address (username), please register again. The system is now using a built in WordPress user management system. This will allow us to eventually expand in the future to blog posts, news letters, etc. After registration please close your browser completely. Re-open your browser and return back to here, the Donate page to make your donation. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Not yet registered with WAMMP

If you try logging on and you get the message highlighted in the below image then you need to register again.

Need to reset your password

If you forgot your password you will need to reset it to a new password as follows.
Press Click here as highlighted in the below image:

Enter your email address then press button [ Get New Password ]:

Check your email from WAMMP/WordPress and follow the instructions:

Enter a new password (Stronger is better):

Go back to the main page and try to logon using your new password: